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I let go…I stopped trying so hard fighting my own body. I turned inward to my spiritual self and realized what I’m experiencing from the medical community is not uncommon. I withdrew myself and decided it was time to do things differently. So, I shut down every voice that was screaming at me. I began to be an objective learner and observed how I felt after meditation and yoga or walking. I quit being hard on myself, and started giving myself unconditional love and acceptance. The payoff has been huge. I’m sleeping through the night, I’ve managed to lose 25 lbs without trying – It’s a process. I am able to bring peace and calm to my mind and body in seconds by simply breathing. So, the big secret to my peace came from spiritual practices like mindfulness training and yoga. I practice loving others and listening to there hurt and pain. I purpose to make others feel loved and valued. Letting go reignited my passion for helping others heal. I want everyone to know, you are not alone and there are people who still care. I got my mind off myself and onto others. I was always on my mind, I learned how to get my mind off of me and go help another person. Helping others, listening or just a smile can make any day better.

– Cindy L. Gibson